Cladded Heavy Duty Storage System


A Storage system which  saved  additional warehouse cost.

In this system roof and walls were built near side and top of  the storage racks and their top side was cladded.

While a project like that constructing, tensile calculations naturally have to be made by considering all possibilities. For each design is worked precisely by considering the type, weight and loading capacity. One of the most important reason of this that this storage system reaches very high distances on the contrary of traditional pallet storage system.

In these storage systems uprights’ length can be  time to time  30 meters, even those can be as long as 40 meters. Therefore, by the time this storage system is constructing, it is necessary to be careful and being assume responsibility too. Because, when the  height of the upright increases, weakness in the matter of sturdiness  also increases as much and it is  obligation to take  serious  preventions in this condition  about  this.

In these  systems, walls and roofs  constructing very near and top side of the  pallet racks are supported by steel materials.

The advantages of this  storage system as  follows:

  • The rack system like this  is quite efficient. Because it saves ground.
  • Very high storage density and  storing numbers are  reached.Beacuse, for this racking  storage systems,  there is no  need to exist of a building.  After the construction  of the  storage system,    around of  the ceiling and  depot racks are cladded  via pannels
  • Optimum  values are  reached in the usage of  area.
  • For the  storage, a  building is not necessary.
  • The another benefit of the cladding system also is that  when the  warehouse moved to another place, disassembly quickly of the racks  and in the place where was  moved,  reassembling.
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Cladded Heavy Duty Storage System can be made using Super 4-5-6UnicantSuperBuild, or UniBuild .

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