Mobile Racking

  • Save on investment costs while creating new storage space
  • Up to 50 % space savings in the current warehouse space
  • Up to 100 % increase in the capacity of the current warehouse
  • Energy savings in energetically demanding businesses, such as freezer warehouses
  • Savings on operating costs
  • Remote control available as an accessory
  • Mobile racks move on rails built into the floor
  • They are set up in a block with a single operating aisle
  • Control of movement and monitoring the operator safety is ensured by electronic system
  • Speed of movement 4.8 m/min
  • Easy and safe operation
  • Stowing by forklift


Existing warehouse with static pallet racking.


Existing warehouse with static pallet racking.




  • Mobile racks move on rail track installed in the floor
  • The rails are placed levelled within the floor
  • The rails can be installed into an existing floor or onto floor base concrete slab


Main Switch Board

The main switchboard together with the control panel is installed in close proximity to the operation area of the equipment.

Control Panel

The main controls, indicators, and diagnostic elements are located on the control panel.

Controls on the Rack

The controls to start and stop motion are located on the particular mobile rack.

Remote Control

This enables putting the system into motion remotely.

Forklift Controls

The remote control and terminal inside the forklift allow communication and control of the system.

Control System

The modular assembly of the Simatic system and matching circuits are installed inside the main switchboard.

Electric Drive Unit

The drive unit is formed by a three-phase motor with a closed gear box. Drive power output and number of drive units are chosen according to the total charge on the mobile base.

Mobile Base Drive

All the electric drive units are coupled to the driving shaft of the mobile base. The driving shaft is coupled with the driving wheels via flange coupling.


These are two-wheel or four-wheel, equipped with plain or guide wheels. Racking superstructure frames are attached to the carriages.

Racking Structure

These are mounted on the wheeled carriages.

Distribution Cables

These are used for interconnection of the main switchboard and particular mobile bases. The flexible cables are distributed to mobile bases from the cable channels installed on the building construction, from the channels in the floor or from the supporting cable channels.

Safety Lights

When the equipment is put into motion, the safety light bars system is activated. The safety light bars are installed on each mobile rack as well as as the outer sides of the block or racks at the entrances to the hazardous area.

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