Hand loaded long span shelving system

Unishelf can reach clear long bay spans with remarkable load bearing capacities.

Ideal for manual picking applications, the UNISHELF system fits perfectly in many environments where deep shelves and wide bays are needed. It is the ultimate solution when it comes to the storage of boxes, crates, cartons, and bulky items. This system can reach long bay spans with remarkable load bearing capacities.

Main Structural Components

The Unishelf uprights are available in five versions of varying gauges. The uprights have a “T” shape containing two connection systems. The first, on the back face, has connectors set at a pitch of 33mm, for the assembly of beams and accessories. The second, on the side face, has holes set at a pitch of 132mm, used for the connection of the horizontal and diagonal spacer bars. The front face of the beam features a sleek, smooth, attractive finish.

Spacebars come in horizontal and diagonal versions, and are connected to the uprights, making a complete frame. These spacebars are the cornerstone of the structural rigidity of the frame and system as a whole.

Plastic base plates are best used in domestic environments, with modest load bearing capacities. Steel base plates give the ability to mount the uprights to the floor, and are recommended for industrial environments.

Beams are easily interlocked with the uprights, and contain a groove for the placement of shelf panels, modular containers, and other accessories.

Shelf panels are supplied in 12,7 and 25,4 mm profiles, and vary in depth up to 800,1 mm.

PVC top caps are placed at the top of the uprights.

To prevent accidental lifting of the beams and shelves, the safety clips should be used in all applications.

♦ Perforated Steel Panels
♦ Corner Solutions
♦ Chipboard Shelves
♦ Wall Bracket
♦ Shelf Tray
♦ Divider For Exhaust Pipes
♦ Telescopic Tube Divider
♦ Fixed Height Divider
♦ Glass Shelf
♦ Modular Containers
♦ Garment Hanging Bar
♦ Label Holder
♦ Modular Drawers
♦ Cladding Panels
♦ Plastic Bins
♦ Tire Rack
♦ Mobile Ladder
♦ Sliding Doors
♦ Hinge Doors
♦ Mobile Shelving
♦ Carton Flow
♦ Powder Coating

Key Features:

  • CE marked structural components;
  • 33mm upright pitch;
  • available with exceedingly long spans;
  • uses a wide variety of steel shelving panels;
  • available also with wire mesh panels;
  • excellent load bearing capacity performance;
  • unalterable over time thanks to the use of galvanized steel;
  • structural components produced from 3.1 certified high tensile structural steels in accordance with EN10204 standards;
  • cost effective solution.

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